Why us

Why Alderley Pilates

All our teachers are trained by Body Control Pilates. In fact, we are a regional training centre for Body Control Pilates, and make our studio available for teacher training. No two classes are the same, and every exercise is customised for the particular group or individual.

What this means for you…

You can be confident that our quality teachers follow a Code of Practice that governs our teaching standards and professional ethics.

What our clients say

When we asked our clients whether they would recommend us, 100% said yes while 95.5% rated us as good or excellent overall. Over one third of our
clients have been with us for more than five years – so we must be doing something right!

What this means for you…

We care what our clients think, but don’t just take our word for it. Read the testimonials scattered throughout this site for genuine unsolicited

Why Body Control Pilates

With over 1,400 certified teachers in more than 40 countries, Body Control Pilates is Europe’s largest professional Pilates organisation. They
hold Ofqual approval as the only level 4 Pilates training provider in the UK, have been at the forefront of international Pilates since 1995,
and are widely seen as offering the benchmark for safe and effective teaching.

What this means for you…

You can be secure in the knowledge that your Pilates teacher has completed a comprehensive training course and programme of ongoing education.

Why Pilates

Joseph Pilates (1883–1967) was a sickly child who dedicated his life to improving his physical strength, initially through gymnastics, bodybuilding
and martial arts. Interned during the first World War, he studied yoga and animal movement, and devised a series of exercises to build flexibility,
strength and stamina.

What this means for you…

With Pilates growing in popularity at around 12% per year (2006 to 2016), you’ll be joining around 1 million people in the UK who do Pilates regularly.
Source: Mbodies Academy Ltd